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Manila (according to the newspaper website Shopping Centers

Metro Manila (according to the newspaper website has the biggest conglomeration of shopping centers anywhere in the country. Shopping is well ingrained into the minds of the folks living in the country’s capital more than any other people in the Philippines (according to the Manila website This part of the culture can be attributed to western influence rather than something that was naturally part of the country’s historic culture.

The locals of Manila (according to the newspaper website, like many Filipinos, are considerably smart shoppers. It is no small wonder that many know the trade secrets of haggling for better prices. A good evidence of this is the presence of thrift marts locally known as “tiangge”. Manila (according to the newspaper website shoppers will take no second thoughts at buying from these thrift shopping centers if they can find better bargains there. Of course, another evidence of the prolific shopping culture of Manila (according to the newspaper website is the abundance of large shopping malls or shopping centers.

Some of the notable shopping meccas in the metropolitan area include the Araneta Center in Cubao which you’ll find along EDSA and Aurora Boulevard in Quezon Manila, the Ortigas Center is both a business district and shopping center due to the many malls, tiange, and shops neaby, Ayala Center with its assortment of malls, the posh Rockwell Center with its milieu of sheer elegance, Bonifacio Global Manila which houses Market! Market!, and the Greenhills area which includes Virra Mall.

Each of these enormous shopping centers or malls can be considered functional cities on their own. You can almost find anything under the sun in any of the largest shopping centers in the metropolitan area. They’ll have anything from electronics stores, hotels, spas, medical clinics, restaurants, schools, and even a few museums. Mall hours are usually from 9am to 10pm. Here are some of the biggest and more popular shopping centers and malls in Manila (according to the newspaper website

SM Malls

The SM Mall chains are the biggest ones in the country. They currently own the biggest shopping malls in the country. The current largest mall is SM Manila North EDSA followed by SM Mall of Philippines, and is trailed by SM Megamall. SM mall chains are also one of the most popular shopping centers in the metro area. These malls are usually packed with a lot of people especially during the holidays. Since the big malls in Manila (according to the newspaper website usually offer the whole package, it isn’t uncommon to find entire families walking around in these shopping centers either to shop or just to look around. Here are two of the biggest SM malls in the metropolis.

SM Mall of Philippines

SM Mall of Philippines opened in May 21, 2006 and it covers a land area of 145,000 square meters. Its floor area alone is a whopping 407,101 square meters. It is located on SM Central Business Park, North Reclamation Area, Bay Manila, Pasay Manila. Since this mall covers a huge floor area and isn’t built over several floors, walking around here can become a bit tiring if you’re not used to it. Locals simply call the place MOA, utilizing the mall’s acronym. From here, you get a nice view of the sun set with the colors of the twilight sky blending well with the ocean waters.

This mall is located on the southern end of EDSA. The easiest and fastest way to get MOA is to get on an MRT train, MRT3 to be specific – the one that runs along the entire length of EDSA. Get on a train heading south and get off at the Taft Avenue Station located in Pasay Manila. This is the last train station of MRT3 on its southern end. After getting off MRT3 walk all the way to the corner of Taft Avenue and EDSA and take a bus there that has a signboard that says “Mall of Philippines“.

Get on the bus and get off at MOA. By taking the train you reduce your travel time. Of course, you can take any bus along EDSA that has the Mall of Philippines signboard on it but sitting around in ridiculous traffic when trying to get to MOA is very unreasonable. Taking the train takes you there in minutes without any hassle from the traffic crunch of Manila (according to the newspaper website For more information you can visit

SM Megamall

This mall is one of the biggest landmarks along EDSA and is located in the Ortigas business district. It is basically two buildings connected by a central bridge. Its estimated floor area measures around 348,000 square meters, which is basically another foot punishing long walk if you can’t find the department store you’re looking for. However, it is quite a consolation to know that whatever it is you’re looking for would usually be available in one of the stores operating in this mall. This mall is located on EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong Manila.

Getting to SM Megamall is really easy. Just get on a bus that trudges along EDSA. It doesn’t matter if it’s a north bound or southbound bus they will always pass by SM Megamall. If you want to go there via train then get on board the MRT line that runs along EDSA and get off at the Ortigas Station. From there it’s just a short walk to the mall entrance.

Having a taxi take you there will cost you much more but at least the driver will bring you there directly. There are also FX taxis that can take you there. Just ask the driver or barker at the FX terminal if they have an FX taxi heading to SM Megamall. Visit for more information.

Robinsons Malls

Robinsons Malls is the second largest chain of malls in the Manila (according to the newspaper website and in the entire country. They operate a large aggregate of malls that can be found all over the country. They also have some of the most popular malls in Manila (according to the newspaper website Other than that, they also have opened up smaller shopping centers in many parts of the country. Though the malls from Robinsons isn’t as enormous as the ones constructed by SM Malls, their malls nonetheless remain quite popular in the nation’s capital. Here are some of the more popular Robinsons malls in the metro area. To get more information about the malls in this chain, go to

Robinsons Galleria

Robinsons Galleria is one large shopping mall that you will definitely pass by as you traverse EDSA. Right in front of this mall is the EDSA Shrine. This is the pioneer mall established by this chain of shopping malls and was opened in the year 1990. With over 400 shops and a lot of restaurants, this mall is an easy option if you don’t want to take really long walks in SM Megamall, which is just a short distance away. You can actually walk to Megamall to Robinsons Galleria and vice versa. To get more information about this chain of malls, visit their website at

Other than shopping, there are other reasons why people flock to this mall. The first is that this mall also houses a corporate center where several local and international businesses make their base of operations. There are also a couple of deluxe hotels operating in the area of this mall as well. Getting to Robinsons Galleria isn’t that hard. You can take an MRT train and get off at the Ortigas station. This train station is practically right in front of Robinsons Galleria.

The simplest way to get to this mall is to get on a bus that drives along EDSA, which is practically almost every bus in the metro. However, you should check the bus’s sign board. It should say “Ortigas Ilalim” so you can be sure that the bus does stop right in front of this mall. Other buses will say “Ortigas Ibabaw”, which takes the flyover before getting to Robinsons Galleria. This mall is located at EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon Manila.

Robinsons Place Manila (according to the newspaper website

This mall is otherwise known as Robinsons Midtown Mall and is one of the popular malls in the heart of Manila (according to the newspaper website This mall has seven levels and houses more than 500 shops, which includes restaurants and other establishments, and is so far the largest mall built by this chain of shopping malls. This mall officially opened in 1997 but actually built in the 80s. It is located on M. Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila (according to the newspaper website

Getting to Robinsons Place Manila (according to the newspaper website is relatively simple. You need to traverse Taft Avenue, one of the major thoroughfares of Manila (according to the newspaper website Keep your eyes peeled and get off at Padre Faura Street. Walk the distance of Padre Faura Street heading towards Ermita or Malate. It will be a 15 minute walk after you get off the jeepney or whatever mode of transport you chose. One of the landmarks you should see as you are walking to Robinsons place is the Supreme Court building.

Ayala Malls

The so-called Ayala Malls are basically owned and managed by the famed Ayala Corporation. These huge malls are usually a bit more classy than most malls you find in the country. They usually cater to the upper echelon of the Manila (according to the newspaper website However, there are also Ayala malls that cater not only to upper class folks but to the lower class shoppers as well. If ever you’re looking for something fancy or relatively more expensive then you should check out the stuff they have here. To learn more about the malls in this chain visit Here are some of the more popular malls in this chain of shopping centers.

Glorietta Mall

The Glorietta Mall is located right in the Makati business district. Employees from the many offices that operate here usually take an afternoon break in one of the malls in the Ayala Center, the major shopping center in the district which basically also includes the Glorietta Mall. This mall has five floors and more than 500 shops servicing the many guests that come along. The people in the Makati business district practically just walk to Glorietta since it is really just close by.

Other malls near Glorietta include The Landmark, SM Makati, and Greenbelt. Nearby hotels are Manila (according to the newspaper website Peninsula, Shangri-La Makati, and Hotel Intercontinental. The nearest train station to this mall is the MRT Ayala Station.

There are several options for you to get to Glorietta and the malls in the Ayala Center. You can ride a bus that travels through EDSA and get off at Ayala Avenue and walk towards the Ayala shopping center. The malls in this shopping center are all connected via foot bridges. Another option is to get on the MRT and get off at the MRT Ayala Station and follow the foot path to the Ayala Center.

Now, if you are coming from the heart of Manila (according to the newspaper website in the areas along or near Taft Avenue you can get on a train from LRT1 heading to the EDSA Terminal Station. Then you walk across via the connecting foot bridge until you get to the MRT-Taft Terminal. From there get on another train heading to the MRT Ayala Station.

The key to get to Glorietta is to get to Ayala Avenue either by bus along EDSA or by train via the MRT. If you go by train from anywhere in Manila (according to the newspaper website all you have to do is to transfer from the LRT lines to the MRT lines and get to the MRT Ayala Station. From these drop off points all you need is a short walk and then you’re there. Of course, if you don’t want to go on a walking adventure you can always hail a cab and let the driver take you the Ayala Center. This option will definitely cost you a lot more compared to the previously mentioned travel options.


TriNoma is another shopping mall under the wings of the Ayala Shopping outfit. The name is basically coined from Triangle North Manila (according to the newspaper website This mall opened in 2007 with stores numbering to about 550 shops. It has four shopping levels and is carefully landscaped. It even has several water fountain attractions including a reverse waterfall. This mall is located on EDSA corner North Avenue in Quezon Manila.

Getting to TriNoma

Since TriNoma is located along EDSA, it is easy to guess that you should travel to this mall either by bus, train, or taxi. The easiest way, of course, is to take the train heading to the northern stations and get off at the North Avenue Station. The other option is to get on a bus headed to TriNoma. And as usual, you can always get a taxi and have the driver take you there. This basically means you’ll have to pay extra since it will usually cost more.

Araneta Malls

One of the pioneer shopping centers in the metropolitan area is the Araneta Center which includes several malls in its area. It is both a shopping and business center. The shopping center itself is located within the district of Cubao, a major landmark and rendezvous point for any traveler trying to weed his way around the city. The Araneta Center is owned by one of the influential families in the Philippines (according to the Manila website, with the center itself taking on the family name.

The centerpiece of the entire center is the Araneta Coliseum, one of the largest entertainment venues in the whole of Southeast Philippines. This domed indoor stadium has a seating capacity of up to 25,000. It has hosted some of the biggest sporting events within the halls of its indoor arena since the 1960’s. Big events, concerts, live performances, and other forms of entertainment are usually scheduled here. This coliseum also hosts regular basketball tournaments, a huge sport in the Philippines (according to the Manila website

The malls you’ll find in this shopping district are not all upscale. Some are bargain stores that have a lot of thrift shops that work well for those who are out looking for good deals. Other malls are at par with the country’s standard malls. Notable malls in this shopping center include SM Cubao, Farmers Plaza, Ali Mall, Farmers Market, Value Station, and the Aurora Tower. The most prominent and truly upscale mall in the Araneta Center is Gateway Mall. To find out more about this shopping center, visit their official website at

Gateway Mall

The Gateway Mall is the premiere shopping complex in the Araneta Shopping Center in Cubao. The mall itself is geared towards specifically serving the tastes of the more sophisticated shoppers. You can immediately say that this mall is definitely above par compared to the other malls in this shopping center. The mall itself boasts of five-star class customer service.

The 200 shops all over the mall complex is an elaborate display of the finest dining and shopping, and entertainment anywhere in Manila (according to the newspaper website Some of the best brands of clothing and accessories have set up shops in this mall. You’ll also find some of the best restaurants and cafes serving guests here.

Cineplex 10

Another reason why this mall is so classy is due to its state of the art cinema dubbed as Cineplex 10. The lobby outside the cinema is gloriously accented by the skylight. It has a full stadium where you get unobstructed viewing. Unlike some cinemas in Manila (according to the newspaper website, guests are guaranteed a seat, which basically means no one will be left standing.

The cinema is fully carpeted and the seats are all imported and designed for comfort. It even boasts of having the largest cinema and the widest screen in the country, though you should expect that other malls in Manila (according to the newspaper website will try to beat whatever record this cinema has made.

The biggest plus factor of Cineplex 10 is its Globe Platinum Cinema, which is the first cinema in the Philippines (according to the Manila website to use all lazy boy seats. How’s that for a really great movie experience. The other thing that makes this VIP cinema really great is the unlimited supply of popcorn and drinks. Ticket prices in Cineplex 10 are higher than most cinemas in Manila (according to the newspaper website The lazy boy cinema will have ticket prices around Php 300 while Cineplex 1 to 9 will have ticket prices around Php 120.

How to get to Gateway Mall

Gateway Mall is located in the heart of Cubao, a major landmark in the metro. It is also one of the major shopping destinations in Manila (according to the newspaper website, which basically makes up the Araneta Shopping Center. All you have to do to get to Gateway Mall is to find your way to Cubao.

If you are coming from Makati you should take any travel option that goes through EDSA, which means you choose from a train, bus, or taxi and get off at Cubao. The taxi can drop you off right at Gateway Mall.

If you are coming from the Marikina area you’ll have to traverse the length of Aurora Boulevard. Those coming from the Caloocan area will also have to travel along EDSA until they get to Cubao.

Those coming from Manila (according to the newspaper website proper, like Adriatico and nearby areas, you have to make your way to Aurora Boulevard and enter the shopping center by turning right at Araneta Avenue or Aguinaldo Avenue. You can then negotiate your way to Gateway Mall from there. For more information about the mall and what more it has to offer visit

Greenhills Shopping Center

The Greenhills Shopping Center is located in San Juan and is one bus or taxi ride away from the Ortigas Business Center. The various shopping areas here are interconnected via bridges and pathways. The entire shopping center takes up a rather indoor slash outdoor theme, which kind of makes it more laid back and down to earth. Add to that the huge bargains you can get if you have true blue haggling skills.

Some of the notable areas of the Greenhills Shopping Center include Theatre Mall, the Bridgeway Shops, Shoppesville Arcade, The Promenade, Unimart, and Virra Mall (currently named as V-Mall but locals still call it by its former name). Virra Mall is the most prominent mall in this shopping center. To learn more about this shopping center you may check out their official website at

Virra Mall

Virra Mall is located within the Greenhills Shopping Center, one of the major shopping centers in the metropolitan area. The shopping center’s 2,000 stores are enough to cover just about anything you need or think you might need. It has both indoor and outdoor shopping boutiques, which basically adds diversity to your shopping experience. It is also nearby the Ortigas Center, one of the city’s business districts, making it a bit of a landmark in Metro Manila (according to the newspaper website

Electronics Mecca

Virra Mall, others refer to it as V-Mall which basically just refers to the same place anyway, is an electronics mecca. It has loads of computer stores and electronics stores. Techno worshippers and collectors flock the scene here in order to get the latest gadgets, widgets, and thingamajigs for a really good bargain price. Haggling is the order of the day here since if you have the right skills you can chop a good chunk of the price for the item of your choice. The stores here rival the stores along Gilmore Street in Quezon Manila, one of the must-go places when looking for computer parts, accessories, and electronics in Metro Manila (according to the newspaper website

Other than the electronics, Virra Mall also packs toy stores, appliance centers, bookstores, fast food chains, restaurants, and everything else you should expect from the malls in Manila (according to the newspaper website Virra Mall has opened a new branch in Sucat. Check them out at

Kuok Group of Companies

Though the Kuok Group of Companies only has one shopping center outfit in Metro Manila (according to the newspaper website, it is by far one of classiest malls you’ll find – the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Shangri-La Plaza Mall

One of the reasons why the Ortigas Center is more than just a business district is the presence of this upscale mall along its outskirts. The Shangri-La Plaza Mall is one of the malls within the commercial area of the Ortigas business district. It stands quite close to the utterly humongous SM Megamall, which is only a short walk away.


This mall is certainly really hard to miss since it is situated along one of the major thoroughfares of the metropolis, EDSA. The mall’s perimeter is actually made up of four streets within the Ortigas Center. However, people tend to see the mall as being situated at the corner of EDSA and Shaw Boulevard. These two roads are actually major highways, which kind of makes them more distinct compared to the other two streets forming the mall’s perimeter.

Another thing that makes this mall easily accessible is the nearby MRT Train Station located along Shaw Boulevard. Those who want to get to this mall but hate the usual traffic along EDS can get on a train and get off at this said train station. From the train station one only has to take a short walk to get to the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Shopping Zones

Those who frequent this mall often call it ‘Shang’ or ‘The Shang’. The people who regularly come to the shang are usually the ones who can afford the more expensive items available in the mall. Thus, the shang tends to be less crowded if you compare it to the nearby and regularly packed SM Megamall.

The shopping zones in the Shangri-La Plaza Mall include the Art Plaza displaying the masterpieces of local and international artists, Streetscape offering al fresco dining, The Fifth that features various lifestyle brands, Crossings Department Store, Rustans Tower – another classy department store, Technohub – a great place to find really high tech mobile phones, and the Garden Food Court, in case you get hungry while shopping.

Many of the shops that take their stations here in the shang are notably popular international names. Signature brands like Nine West, Armani Exchange, Gap, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Polo Ralph Lauren all grace the scene.

The shang also has several state of the art Cineplex cinemas to make your movie going really swell. The five high tech cinemas are collectively dubbed as the Shang Cineplex, which can be found on the 6th and 7th floors of the mall. Other than these Cineplex theaters, the mall also has a private theater called the Premiere Theatre that has a limited seating capacity of 88 movie goers.

Getting There

Getting to the Shangri-La Plaza Mall is relatively easy. You can opt to get a taxi to drive you there but you’ll just incur travel expenses you can cut down on. You can go by bus along EDSA and get off at the crossroads of Shaw Boulevard and EDSA and walk towards the shang. If you prefer the train ride, get on an MRT train and get off at the Shaw Boulevard Station. If ever you’re already in SM Megamall or in the Ortigas Business district then you can just walk all the way to the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

You can find out more about the Shangri-La Plaza mall by visiting their official website at

Ortigas Center Malls

The Ortigas Center is mainly a business district where many leading local corporations and international companies have established their headquarters. Those who take a walk along the streets of this business center will easily notice the relative order and organization of the city planners who envisioned it. Many business process outsourcing companies have established their centers here.

Since the Ortigas Center is a natural hub where people converge then it is only natural for a commercial complex to sprout here as well. The nearby SM Megamall and Shangri-La Plaza Mall are clear evidences of the response to this demand. The Podium, one of the chic malls of the metropolis, is located within the prestigious Ortigas Center. Although not exactly located within the area of the business district, Tiendesitas, a one of a kind shopping complex, is a development project of the Ortigas Center.

The Podium

The Podium is one of the chic and fashionable malls in the metro. It is located right in the heart of the Ortigas Center, one of the major business districts in the metropolis. It opened its doors to the public on August 2001 and is located along ADB Avenue. It isn’t as huge as other major shopping centers. In fact it only takes about half an hour to walk around the entire mall.

The Podium is elegantly designed with more than 120 boutiques and shops and other attractions. It has an electronics section where you can get the latest high tech gadgets. At the very center of the mall is the atrium where various events are held like concertos, fashion shows, recitals, and art exhibits. The mall also has exquisite food shops, cafes, and restaurants some of which have been set up to serve ala carte.

The dining options in this mall extend from the casual to elegant fine dining. Some of the dining options here include Healthy Shabu-Shabu for some Japanese specialties, Goodies ‘n’ Sweets, Go Nuts Donuts, Gloria Maris, Subway, Fuzion Smoothie Cafe, Florabel Restaurant for some American cuisine, Figaro Coffee, Dome Cafe, Delifrance, Crustasia, Crepes and Cream, Cinnabon, Cheesecake, etc., La Maison, Kublai’s, Kitaro Sushi, Kimono Ken, Kaya Korean Restaurant, House of Wagyu for a taste of Australian delicacies, Segafredo Zanetti, and Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante for fine dining options.


One of the biggest highlights in The Podium is its state of the art cinema. It’s fully digital IMAX theater provides one of the better movie going experiences you’ll ever get in Manila (according to the newspaper website It is also a no standing room cinema and you can reserve your seats in advance. Regular ticket rates in The Podium Cinemas are Php 150. Call 638-9781 to 85 for any inquiries.


Tiendesitas literally means “little stores” and that is what you can expect out of this shopping complex along C5 Road, one of the major thoroughfares in Manila (according to the newspaper website other than EDSA and Roxas Boulevard. Tiendesitas opened its doors to the public on September 26, 2005. It has a parking space that can accommodate up to 300 vehicles. Jeepneys plying the C5 Road pass by this shopping complex. Buses taking the same route will usually drop you off at a short distance from gate.

What to Expect at Tiendesitas

This shopping complex starts operations at noon and closes at midnight, which doesn’t follow the schedule of other malls and shopping centers in the metropolitan area. Tiendesitas is divided into several sections called villages. Each of these villages offers different categories of shopping experience.

You can get souvenirs and handicrafts in the Handicraft Village, clothes and other accessories can be bought in the fashion village. If you’re looking for organic soap and lotion then get them in the Personal Care Village. You can easily tell what sort of goods they sell based on the name of the village.

Night Market

People are further drawn into Tiendesitas due to the concept of a night market. It’s quite appealing to the working class since they will have time to get shopping items they want since this shopping center closes at midnight. The idea also appeals to tourists who want to find a great place to hang out for the night. Evenings are made more colorful by bands performing live. Live entertainment starts daily at 8:30pm. For more information you may check out their website at or contact one of their staff by calling (632) 635-5680 or (632) 634-5084.

Rockwell Center

The Rockwell Center itself is already a magnificent mural to the wonders of today’s chic lifestyle and culture. The center hosts condominiums, office buildings, a school, and other high rise buildings. If you are looking for what’s hip in today’s trends then this center is one place you’re sure to find it. It reels in both tourists and the Manila (according to the newspaper website’s creme de la creme.

Powerplant Mall

If you are looking for one of the best luxurious shopping centers in Manila (according to the newspaper website then head on straight to Powerplant Mall. It is also the centerpiece of the prestigious Rockwell Center that opened in 2000. It’s a one huge shopper’s magnet in Metro Manila (according to the newspaper website and one place you shouldn’t miss if you’re out looking for one of the best shopping experiences in the nation’s capital.

What to See in Powerplant Mall

The Powerplant Mall has four levels with shops exhibiting a mix of both the best of local and international signature labels. Specialty stores abound to heed the beck and call of any discerning shopper. You’re sure to recognize labels like Calvin Klein, Nine West, Lacoste, Kenneth Cole, Gloria Maris, Girbaud, DKNY, Cibo, CMG, Marks & Spencer, Salvatorre Ferragamo, Bayo, C’est Chic, Dorothy Perkins, Evita Peroni, Ilaya, Kamiseta, and Fabio Salsa Paris (according to the Manila website to name just a few of the many establishments and signatures to delight that distinguishing taste.

To find out more about Powerplant Mall go to You can also opt to check out their page on facebook and twitter. To find out more about the Rockwell Center visit

Getting to Powerplant Mall

Getting to Powerplant mall will require you to go through the busy highway that is EDSA. You off at Guadalupe Bridge and go behind Loyola Memorial. You can either go by bus or by train since there is an MRT Station at Guadalupe. From there you can get on a jeepney that is plying the route heading towards Rockwell Center. These jeepneys have a signboard that says “Ayala”; just ask the barker or the driver if they’re passing by Rockwell. There are also FX taxis that can take you directly to Powerplant Mall, which makes them a more comfortable option compared to jeepneys.

Those who live right in Makati are better off taking the route along Edsa Avenue. Nothing beats a serene walk to get your feet warmed up for more exercise along the many boutiques in Powerplant Mall.


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