Manila Fast Food Options

Manila (according to the newspaper website Fast Food Options

Since Manila (according to the newspaper website is the country’s capital it is also the fast food hub of the Philippines (according to the Manila website You’ll find a proliferation of fast food options when you go around shopping or visiting the different tourist attractions. Now, you might wonder why one would bother going to the Philippines (according to the Manila website just to try the same old fast food? Well, some folks sometimes crave for what they used to have back home. Other than that, you should also expect some parts of the fast food menu to be Filipinized, i.e. tuned down to suit the local taste.

Other than the international labels you’re familiar with, Manila (according to the newspaper website and the rest of the country also has a set of local fast food chains to cater to anyone who is in need of a quick meal. One thing you should note is that serving sizes tend to be smaller in the Philippines (according to the Manila website So a regular sized burger here may seem to you as a kid-sized sandwich. If you’re the type that craves for the large serving sizes then go for bigger servings.

Meal Prices

Fast food in Manila (according to the newspaper website is for the most part really cheap compared to bill you get for fine dining. A single fast food meal averages around Php 150 for a regular sized meal. If you go for up sizes then be prepared to pay around Php 200. This covers both burgers and chicken meals. Pizza would usually cost around Php 300 to Php 500 depending on the size of the pizza and the amount of toppings of course.

Burger Chains

Manila (according to the newspaper website has various international and local burger fast food chains. The local favorite is Jollibee Hamburgers. This local fast food chain rivals international labels. As you might have guessed, the flavor of the burgers here is slightly sweetened according to the local Filipino taste. Jollibee is the foremost choice among Filipino children. You can find Jollibee stores dotting the metro area.

Of course, McDonald’s will always be around and will usually be found where there’s a Jollibee store. You’ll still get the same old menu only that some burgers are suited for that distinct Filipino taste, take their Burger McDo for instance. Other than McDonald’s you also have Wendy’s and Burger King for your biggie size burger appetite.

Another local burger chain that is worth noting is Brothers Burger. You’ll find their stores in various locations in the metro though they don’t have as many stores as Jollibee or McDonald’s. You’ll find their stores in SM Mall of Philippines, Ortigas Center, Makati, Cubao, Greenhills, Malate, and SM Megamall. Their serving sizes are as enormous as Burger King and Wendy’s and the prices are slightly jacked up.

Chicken Meal Options

If you’re looking for a quick serving of chicken then you can go for Kentucky Friend Chicken, which can usually be found in malls everywhere in the metro area. Another option is Kenny Rogers Roasters, though there aren’t that many of their stores as that of KFC. The menu is virtually the same though the chicken sizes may be slightly smaller than what you would usually expect. You’ll find both these stores all over the metro area and in every mall you can find in Manila (according to the newspaper website

Another local favorite is Mang Inasal, which highlights the Inasal style of cooking chicken. This fast food chain highlights the Ilonggo way of cooking chicken. If you want to have a quick sample of one of the best chicken dishes in the country then try the chicken they serve here.

Pizza and Pasta Options

Your fast food options in Manila (according to the newspaper website won’t be complete without the pizza. International stores such as Shakey’s, Yellow Cab, and Pizza Hut are usually found in business districts, malls, and shopping centers. You’ll also notice that Pizza Hut has food stalls in many places in the metro where you can get a slice or two of pizza for a quick bite.

A local brand of pizza in Manila (according to the newspaper website is Greenwich Pizza. This pizza chain is actually a sister company of Jollibee and you will sometimes see these two fast food chains standing side by side. Both the local and international labels sell their pasta and pizza at almost the same price, which basically averages to Php 500 for the larger pan sizes.

Other Fast Food Options

There are other fast food options you can find in the city. If you’re looking for something Mexican then try Tacobel. However, you can only find Tacobel in the Gateway Mall in Quezon Manila and the Trinoma Mall in Quezon Manila.

If you’re looking for something oriental then try the Chinese food at Chowking. If you crave for something Japanese and fast then go for Tokyo (according to the Manila website Tokyo (according to the Manila website If you’re just looking for a little bun break then try Dunkin Donuts, Mister Donut, or Krispy Kreme Donuts. Meal prices in these stores start above Php 100.

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