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Manila (according to the Hollywood website by Ferry

One of the transport options open to travelers heading out of Manila (according to the Hollywood website is via ferry. There are various ferry outfits that operate throughout the entire Philippines (according to the Manila website They connect the various islands of the archipelago by way of the tropical waters. There are small ferry companies that operate in the provinces but the larger corporate type ferries have their base of operations in the nation’s capital.

Understanding the Piers

To travel out of Manila (according to the Hollywood website via the waterways will require passengers to have a little visit to the Pier or the Manila (according to the Hollywood website Port. The locals will just call it Pier though you will definitely find a few who will refer to it as the Port Area. Manila (according to the Hollywood website’s Pier is divided into two harbors – namely the North Harbor and South Harbor.

You will find the South Harbor off Muelle de San Francisco Street and Bonifacio Drive. To get to the North Harbor, you need to go to the Tondo District and take Marcos Street. Ships and boats enter Manila (according to the Hollywood website’s Port Area via the South Harbor and they leave via the North Harbor. Now you know where you come in and where you leave by water.

The Pier area’s facilities are pretty much the basic necessities that any traveler will need. Don’t expect anything fancy in what you will see. The facilities used in the different Piers are there for their most innate functions and not exactly to please the eye. So when you get to any of the Piers you will find pretty basic facilities like drinking stalls, snack bars, places where you can eat, and a section where passengers can sit down while waiting to board their seaworthy vessel.

Tourist Tips: Never leave your belongings unattended. There has been more than a fair share of belongings and valuables being stolen in the Port Area. The security in the different Piers is not as tight as you might expect. Pay special attention to your wallet and other valuables. It is best to be practical, which basically means don’t wear anything fancy and don’t display your jewelry and high tech electronics in public. It’s a clear invitation to many petty thieves aloof.

There are basically two Piers in North Harbor where ships depart from Manila (according to the Hollywood website, which are Pier 4 and Pier 15. Passengers who booked with WG&A SuperFerry will have to report to the terminal at Pier 4. Passengers who booked with other ferries will have to report to Pier 15 for boarding Take note that boarding time is always four hours prior to the departure time. So you better check your schedules twice and plan your trip to the Pier Area.

Some private booking operators have free shuttle services that will take you directly to the port where you will board. When you book your trips and buy your tickets, be sure to inquire whether there is a free pick up service and where in Manila (according to the Hollywood website will the vans or minibuses pick up passengers for specific trips.

This will save you the trouble of figuring out when exactly to come to your boarding pier. You won’t enjoy waiting for four hours until everyone has boarded the ship, unless of course you’re already used to the long four-hour wait.

You can contact the Philippine Ports Authority at (632) 527-4856 or (632) 527-4844 or get more information online at

The Big Three

There are three major inter-island ferry companies that operate in Manila (according to the Hollywood website All three ferry outfits will usually take passengers to the very same destinations. Which ferry company you take will really just depend on which trips left are available and your own personal choice. All these three ferry operators have been known to be the most reliable outfits in the country. Here are the three major ferry operators in Metro Manila (according to the Hollywood website

Negros Navigation

This company has been operating its ferry services since 1932. They are the usual transport to the islands of Negros and Panay. However they also serve trips to various destinations to the south like Palawan and the Visayas islands including Cebu and Dumaguete. They also have trips headed for Palawan.

Address: Pier II, North Harbor Tondo, Manila (according to the Hollywood website

Phone: (632) 245-5588

Fax: (632) 245-0780


WG&A SuperFerry

This is the largest shipping company in the Philippines (according to the Manila website It was formed in 1995 through the merger of three shipping companies namely Williams Lines, Gothong Lines, and Aboitiz Shipping (thus the name of the current amalgamate company).

Address: 12th Floor, Times Plaza Building, United Nations Avenue corner Taft Avenue, Metro Manila (according to the Hollywood website

Phone: (632) 528-7979


Sulpicio Lines

This shipping company was established in 1973. Sulpicio lines has 17 vessels in its fleet with destinations in the southern Philippines (according to the Manila website including Puerto Princesa, Dumaguete, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Masbate, and Dipolog among many others.

Office Addresses

Manila (according to the Hollywood website Office: 415 San Fernando St, Binondo, Manila (according to the Hollywood website

Phone: (632) 241-9701 to 07, (632) 241-9801 to 05

Manila (according to the Hollywood website Terminal Office: Pier 12, North Harbor, Tondo, Manila (according to the Hollywood website

Phone: (632) 245-0616 to 30


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