Every George Miller Movie Ranked By IMDb

Even after the success of “The Road Warrior,” the sequel to his debut “Mad Max,” Miller wasn’t sold on rushing a third out to theaters, despite the studio’s desire for another. “Once I finish one film, there’s never any intention to make another one, but then a story comes to you, and that story kind of gets to you … and that’s sort of what happened with the third story, and by the time we got to [‘Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome’] we wanted to push it in a different direction,” said Miller, on the process of developing the movie. But by the time filming was ready to commence on the threequel, the director’s close friend and producing partner Byron Kennedy had been killed in a tragic helicopter accident. Still grieving, Miller ultimately decided to forge ahead as a way of working through the loss of his friend. He was assisted in his directing duties by his mentor, George Ogilvie.

Even if it is usually marked as fans’ least favorite of the original “Mad Max” trilogy, with “The Film Magazine” commenting that it is “lacking the vigor of the [first two] films,” most would still agree it’s a fun, thrilling adventure, with plenty of entertainment value to be found in the clash between Max and Aunty Entity, ruler of Bartertown (played with gusto by the inimitable Tina Turner). Gibson as Max is as exciting and grounded a hero to root for as ever, and the violence was been amped up even more for its newfound PG-13 rating.

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