Month: September 2021

Mt Banahaw

Mt Banahaw Descriptions of the vast dormant volcanic cone of Mt Banahaw (2177m), which looms over the entire southwest Luzon..


Anilao %043 / Pop 28,680 Anilao, 30km west of Batangas on a small peninsula, is where the Philippines’ first scuba-diving..


Batangas %043 / Pop 329,874 The busy industrial port of Batangas is a major transport hub, both for buses and..

Tagaytay & Lake Taal

Tagaytay & Lake Taal %Tagaytay 046, Talisay 043 / Pop 71,200 Strung out along a high ridge overlooking stunning Lake..


Corregidor The island of Corregidor (Corrector), 48km southwest of Manila and often referred to as ‘The Rock,’ is a popular..